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I am firing up the blog again!

Back on the road soon.

Very exciting things are a foot. In a few weeks time I will be flying to begin a new adventure.

From Kiev I shall try to get to Beirut over land and sea, going across the Black Sea, through the mountains and valleys of the Caucasus, into Eastern Turkey and eventually the baking deserts of the Levant.

Here is a preliminary map of the trip:

Once again, I will be blogging, this time with another friend of mine, Chuck.

We've got lots of interesting ideas and plans for this trip.


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Well, the blog is started

as requested.

Tickets purchased.
Just over a week of work left.
Visas (nearly) done. Passport in the Uzbek Embassy. God I love their beurocracy.
Now I need to buy my gear (whatever the hell that will be).
Money should be okay, even with my slave-labour salary.

Then I will leave. For those who don't know I will be going from Istanbul to Shanghai over land, and I have from the 31st of March to the 20th of July, and a whole lot of land to cover, after which I will be chilling around China until Mid-september.

Its over 11000 kilometers. Not bad.

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