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It's all getting exciting. I'm all packed and have already left the UK, currently writing from Moscow.

For this trip I want to make full use of the blog and internet resources in general, so I'm opening this as a platform for any suggestions and tips for the trip.

One of the reasons I thought up of this trip is for the cultural changes we'll see along the way. From Slavic Ukraine to the mountains of Caucasian Georgian and Armenia, culturally unique in their own right with their own alphabets and languages, but still Christian and ex-Soviet.
Then descending from the Caucasus Mountains we will get into Eastern Turkey, and enter the lands of Islam, although still with scattered ancient Armenian ruins. Then onto the Arab lands of Levant, its baking deserts and plains having seen mark of human civilization from the very beginning.
It should be very interesting to see the gradual change of cultures and peoples along the way.
A lot of ground to cover in one and a half months, but it should be managable.

One cool idea we have for the trip is trading: We'll buy some small Ukranian trinket, and try to trade it for another object in every other country and see what we end up with at the end. Yes, it's likely we'll get ripped off by pretty much every merchant, but it's worth a try.
Also there are some ghost towns (due to ethnic cleansing in the 90s) in Abkhazia that look awesome to climb in and photograph, but as a separatist state it's fairly lawless and dangerous (bandits in the mountains), we'll decide if it's worth going when we know the situation on the ground. Also, we can do some amateur journalism with the local people there to get some view of what's going on there.
I have recently learned how to use my camera properly too, so of course I will try to step it up with my photography skills.

Anyway, if you have any other ideas for our trip, I'll be glad to hear them, so leave a comment or email me.
This promises to be a good one.

PS: Check out the Georgian and Armenian alphabets:

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I am firing up the blog again!

Back on the road soon.

Very exciting things are a foot. In a few weeks time I will be flying to begin a new adventure.

From Kiev I shall try to get to Beirut over land and sea, going across the Black Sea, through the mountains and valleys of the Caucasus, into Eastern Turkey and eventually the baking deserts of the Levant.

Here is a preliminary map of the trip:

Once again, I will be blogging, this time with another friend of mine, Chuck.

We've got lots of interesting ideas and plans for this trip.


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Well, the blog is started

as requested.

Tickets purchased.
Just over a week of work left.
Visas (nearly) done. Passport in the Uzbek Embassy. God I love their beurocracy.
Now I need to buy my gear (whatever the hell that will be).
Money should be okay, even with my slave-labour salary.

Then I will leave. For those who don't know I will be going from Istanbul to Shanghai over land, and I have from the 31st of March to the 20th of July, and a whole lot of land to cover, after which I will be chilling around China until Mid-september.

Its over 11000 kilometers. Not bad.

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